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From 2011 through 2014, Eric began the arduous process of scanning and cataloging his still photography work. Every 35mm negative, print, and digital file was carefully backed up and archived.


As the project progressed, Eric began playing around with the photos in Final Cut Pro, first experimenting with constructing a visual throughline, and eventually playing around with a voice-over narration to create a rounded story. This editorial process evolved into an off and on project that would eventually result in the short film, STEINWAY STREET.

Finished in 2014, STEINWAY STREET is an auto-biographical essay film about the filmmaker's move from Maine to New York, in search of a more fulfilling and valued life. The film replaces Eric with the fictionalized "Photographer" who sees the world in still images. The movie is mostly comprised of stills, with the exception of a couple shots deliberately produced on HDSRL video.

The original music score was composed and created by DAVID OBANIYI and is one of Eric's favorite original scores from his entire catalog of work.

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