If you or your client are interested in appearing on the podcast, this page will inform you on everything you need to know.

THE ERIC NORCROSS PODCAST is a multi-subject podcast focused on free-form conversations (mainly on art and creation). Eric is adept at having discussions with authors, filmmakers, mixed-media artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, politicians, and academics. From poetics to agtech, Eric can talk about anything.

Before submitting, there are a few important things to note: 

  • We don't release metrics. Many PR reps require metrics before agreeing to send their clients to the podcast. While we understand that many public personalities desire the widest audience reach possible, and while we are proud of our growing audience-base, we do not want our conversations based exclusively on these arbitrary number requirements. As a host, Eric's best conversations are with people who are passionate about what they do, and passion is the only metric Eric is concerned with.

  • Eric needs to be familiar with your work. If you're an author, he wants the opportunity to read your work (not just your new book, but your back catalog and journal publications too). The same goes for filmmakers, mixed-media artists, and musicians. Please reach out as far in advance as possible, as to give Eric time to digest all of your creative materials.

    • See below on how to submit these materials.

  • Passion is everything. The best conversations come with guests who are passionate about what they do, and when their passion is infectious. Our listeners are independent creators across all the primary mediums (writing, film, music, art), multi-platform art students, academics (mainly MFA, but some undergraduate populations within some of the major metropolitan areas), and people in the film, music, and publishing industries. They are all people who are passionate about what they do, and they want to hear about your passion, your story, and your process.

  • We're not locked down. Sort of. Although we are based out of New York City, we can go virtual or mobile. In fact, all of season one was produced exclusively via Zoom, except for a handful of episodes that were done in studio.

    • Eric has expressed an interest in taking the podcast  on the road, whether it be via touring or taking it to events like film festivals, or literary conferences. If you think THE ERIC NORCROSS PODCAST is a good fit for an event, please reach out and let us know.

To submit material prior to a podcast session:

Literary works are best submitted as printed and bound review copies. Readers can be mailed to the PO Box provided after initial contact is made. While PDF's have been used in a pinch, digital delivery for literature is discouraged, as Eric has a difficult time reading off screens.

Filmmakers can submit their work a number of different ways: DVD, Bluray, Bluray 4K (North American or Europe encoding welcome). Send screeners to the PO Box provided after initial outreach.


Digital screeners can be sent with a password, or if hosted on a streaming platform, a purchase code must be provided if it's not freely available by the streaming service. We are subscribed to Netflix and HBO Max, and with a code can purchase screeners via Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Vudu. We'll happily visit other platforms too, if necessary. 

Musicians can provide MP3 downloads from a reputable servicer (Amazon, Apple, Bandcamp), via a code, or send CDs to the PO Box provided after initial outreach. *Eric is not subscribed to a music streaming service, as a prefers to buy the music in his collection. It's admirable, really.

Ready to come on as a guest of the podcast?      SEND AN INQUIRY HERE.