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FRACTALS is a feature film written, produced, and directed by Eric Norcross.

FRACTALS is part arthouse, part essay, part sci-fi, and part New York street film. These four genres intertwine to support the story of an artist struggling to practice his craft.


A filmmaker struggles to balance his craft with the demands of society. As he wanders his city capturing footage, he finds a series of riddles that lead him through the bizarre recruitment process of an all-powerful corporation... Also, a hole in his wall seems to have become sentient.


Artie is a struggling filmmaker in New York City whose days are consumed by job searches. At the  same time, he finds solace in practicing his craft and filming the everyday activity of the city he struggles to love.

While exploring the city, Artie finds an envelope addressed to him. Inside, he finds a riddle, the start of a bizarre recruitment process that takes him on a journey to different parts of the city.  As he encounters a variety of oddball characters, he’s helped by his friend Cait and a vaguely sinister black hole that seems to have become sentient.

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