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HERO FOR A DAY is a 2002 short film that Eric produced immediately after completing film school in British Columbia. After returning to his hometown of Long Island Maine, Eric was burning to make a film. Around the holiday season of 2001, Eric drew up a script that tapped into the jingoistic culture of post-9/11 America. Peppered with storyboards throughout, the script was presented to collaborator BRANDEN GEISTERT. 


HERO FOR A DAY started shooting shortly after the New Year and continued shooting through the spring of 2002.

HERO FOR A DAY was produced as an independent film,  for the purpose of entry in the early 2000's film festival circuit. Although this did not happen, the film is indirectly responsible for Eric's move to New York City in 2003 (where he currently resides).

The movie was shot in Portland, Maine and in Eric's hometown of Long Island, Maine. Some insert shots were filmed in Brunswick, Maine and Bath, Maine. The soundtrack was recorded on Cliff Island, Maine.

"Hero for a Day" stars Sean Callan, Chris Doughty, Julie Geistert, Branden Geistert, Eric Norcross, and John Burke.

The film was inspired by Hollywood action movies of the 1990's.



•PREMIERE: The Spar Restaurant, Long Island, Maine - 2002​

•Various versions of the film have screened in Portland, ME, Vancouver, BC, and New York, NY. 2002 - 2009.

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