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Published journalism articles, opinion editorials and essays. Some from my own blog, others published by external publications.

Future of Film Editorials, News & Interviews

Various Publications (print & online)

Contributing Writer


Future of Film Exhibition | Renegade Cinema 09/08/2014


Interview with Zachary Jones, Founder of| Renegade Cinema February 10, 2014


The Case for: My Life As Abraham Lincoln | Renegade Cinema February 04, 2014


Goodfellas' Lufthansa Heist Suspects Indicted | Renegade Cinema January 29, 2014


The Case for: Rhythem Thief | Renegade Cinema December 10, 2013


The Case for: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | Renegade Cinema  January 07 2014


Interview with Vic Minogna: Star Trek Continues | Renegade Cinema November 11, 2013



Temporarily Unavailable:

TimesSquare  (website offline, articles archived)


•Matisse: MET Installation Review

•Below See Level, Art Installation Review (artist Mike Rader)


Metro New York (print & online)


•Op-Ed: Filming Buses/Trains, Terror?



•A Matter of Intercourse: Responding to Eliza Haywood's "Fantomina" (12/26/2016) | Eric's OutHouse Blog.

A World of Film:

A Better Place (1997)

• Mulholland Drive (2001)

• JFK (1991)

• Barry Lyndon (1975)

• Mister Roberts (1955)

• A Christmas Carol (1951)

• It's a Wonderful Life (1946)

• Casablanca (1942)

• It Happened One Night (1934)

• Gone with the Wind (1939)

Academic Journalism

SUNY The Student Connection

Assistant Editor



Spring 2016:


Op-Ed Column: The Ultimate Test


• Interview: Jacob Remes, author "Disaster Citizenship"


• Polly Baird: Recipient of the Richard Porter Leach Fellowship


[largely focused on the future of film, and the relationship with indie filmmakers and the larger industry]

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