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Now available in paperback.

A new paperback edition is available with additional materials on the writing of the short story, a perfect companion for creative writers looking for inspiration, or process-focused content.




Fritz - Published 05/12/2020 at Silent Auctions Magazine


Fritz is a short story written between the fall of 2018 and the spring of 2019. 

The story is one of Eric's most personal, and his favorite of his literary content.

Fritz was Eric' dog while growing up in Maine.

Born in 1989, Fritz was by Eric's side until Eric moved to British Columbia to attend a one year Film Foundation course.  When Eric returned to retrieve Fritz and start his life, he found Fritz had been put down by a family member. 

This story is Eric's love letter and farewell to a dog he thinks about every day, and dreams about every time he falls asleep.

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