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"Squatterism at High Noon" is a creative non-fiction essay by Eric Norcross, in which he reflects on his two months living as a squatter at 12 Warren Street, in lower Manhattan. 12 Warren was an old industrial building, which housed an offset printing shop. Eric originally wrote of this era in an article, "12 Warren Street," in 2006. This creative approach brings to life the variety of characters Eric encountered during his time downtown.


Published: September, 2016 in the Metropolitan Review.

Current Availability: Paperback with photos and a text-only e-book.

2018 Paperback Edition: Buy on Amazon - includes full color photographs of 12 Warren Street from the fall of 2006.

2018 E-Book Edition: Read on Kindle - text only.

Originally published in the Metropolitan Review, 2016.

An excerpt from the story was read at a reception at The Livingston Gallery, Brooklyn, NY on October 6, 2016 from 6:30-830 pm. The guest speaker was author Tahira Naqvi.​

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