b. 1981, Portland, Maine



1998 - Present

Currently operating out of New York City.


  • MFA, Creative Writing (Fiction), Sarah Lawrence College.

  • BA, Cultural Studies, SUNY Empire State College.

  • Certification, Film Foundation, Vancouver Film School.

  • Diploma with Excellence, Video Technology & Multi-Media.

    • Portland Arts & Technology High School.

  • Diploma, Graphic Arts & Printing.

    • Portland Arts & Technology High School.

  • Diploma, Portland High School.



Motion Pictures (Film, Digital, Analog Video),

Writing (Screenplays, Short Stories, Essays, Reviews, Experimental,  Verse),

Photography (Film & Digital)

Mixed-Media (acrylics, canvas, watercolor, found objects)



Best Avant-Garde, Tabloid Witch Awards (2014)

                               General Contest

Best Trailer, Philip K. Dick Sci-Fi Film Festival (2015)

                               Trailer Contest

New York Spotlight Award, Manhattan Film Festival (2012)

                               General Contest


Eric Norcross is an award-winning filmmaker and published author. He started making films in 1998 as a student at the Portland Arts & Technology High School in Portland, Maine, where he won his first awards for his experimental work. He made his first narrative film, Sixteen Stories his senior year, with a cast of over twenty, including local celebrities.

Norcross attended the Vancouver Film School from 2000-2001 and returned to Maine upon completion of the Film Foundation program. In 2002, Norcross directed the short action film, Hero For a Day, and a variety of experimental shorts. These projects would propel him to the New York City indie film scene. In 2003, Norcross relocated to New York where he immersed himself into a life as a creator.


In 2005, Eric co-directed The Long Island Project, an out-of-porcket indie feature. The trailer for the film became a 'featured video of the week' on YouTube, back when it was still an independent start-up. Users commented on the video with mainly positive reviews, but a few insisted: 'Work that looked so professional shouldn't be allowed on YouTube.' Although the film never made it to theaters, as a result of the popularity of the trailer, the film was invited to screen at film festivals in the UK and Canada. 

From 2008-2014, Eric operated a creative production company, Norcross Media (NM), that produced commercial film and video independently and for a variety of clients. His work through NM  included music videos, commercials, corporate mission videos, documentaries, and the production of his award-winning short films, Caroline of Virginia, Lancaster Square, and his most popular film to date,, Lipstick Lies.

From 2015-2017, Eric took a break from the professional world to focus on his education. It was at the State University of New York where he would go on to receive a BA in Cultural Studies, with a concentration in Creative Writing. During his time at SUNY, Norcross was the two-time recipient of the Nicholas Pekearo Creative Writing Scholarship, and several grants which allowed him to focus solely on his studies. In his time as a student, Norcross gave presentations at various academic conferences on the work of Herman Melvillle, and on the subject of sociopolitical parallels that emerge in science-fiction.


In 2016, Eric published his creative non-fiction essay, "Squatterism at High Noon", a story about living in an abandoned industrial loft in New York City.

In 2017, Eric produced a series of experimental films called the Spring Oppression Project, which lead to the production of his feature-length avant-garde film, Death & Life, his first film to be translated into a foreign language (German)

From 2017-2019, Eric pursued and completed his MFA in Creative Writing. At Sarah Lawrence College, Eric was mentored in fiction and non-fiction by stellar writers David Hollander, Jacob Slichter, and David Ryan.


Eric is currently .a video producer for THE JAMES ALTUCHER SHOW, a podcast filmed in New York CIty. Additionally, he is in production of his latest cinema project, FRACTALS.

On May 12, 2020, Eric's short story, "Fritz", was published at SILENT AUCTIONS MAGAZINE.

I am a video-maker, writer, filmmaker, and multi-media creator.



  • Writing | Industrial/instruction, public outreach, advertising, recruitment, developmental, scripting, screenplay, television, experimental, drafting, work-up.

  • Editing | Copy-editing, substantive/developmental, proofreading, formatting, citation/references.

  • Social Media | Strategy, campaign design.

  • Video & Multi Media Technology | Working with new media platforms and integrating content with broader social media strategies. *Video Production. Content Creation.

  • Filmmaking | Developing and executing a visual fabric for each project, working with talent to achieve end goals.

  • Producing | Produced and coordinated many small, 2-10 crew production, and a 60+ crew low budget union production.

  • Creative Tools | Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, InDesign and Media Encoder. D-Cameras: Cinema, HDSLR, Film, and Analog.


  • Production Coordinator | Scheduling, permits.

  • Video Editing | Adobe Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Steenbeck, Media 100, Tape-to-tape.

  • Cinematography | Digital cinema (Red, Blackmagic), Video (HDSLR, HDV/DV), Video (SD and HD), Film (Super 8, 16mm).

  • Film Exhibition | Texas Instruments DLP Projection System, IMS 2000, 16mm & 35mm, Video, Broadcast.

  • Crestron | technology systems.(smart classrooms).

  • WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System).



  • Production of all video content for THE JAMES ALTUCHER SHOW.

VIDEO & FILM PRODUCTION | 2008 - Present

  • Produced and/or worked on (in a creative capacity) a variety of film and video projects independently and for various clients,. Projects of note include:

    • Corporate Mission & Advertising Videos / PSA's | In a variety of roles I participated in the creation of video content for the American Lung Association of the Northeast, Reuters, C2 Creative, Squeaky Wheel Media, PCS Wireless, Shoda Vision, and others.

  • Music Videos | "Let It All Krumble" by Lyndol Descant, "The Unknown" by The Whale and the Wave, "Sleepover" by Kramer Daniels. Conceptual development, directed, shot, and edited.


  • Created and executed strategy for online presence for a variety of clients which utilized multi-media content. Clients included fashion brands, media companies, and national non-profits.​​​

WRITER | 2002 - Present

  • Fiction, Non-Fiction, Essay, OP-ED. Publications include Metro New York, Renegade Cinema, A World of Film, Metropolitan Review.

  • Scripting & Editorial for client content.

FILMMAKING | 1998 - Present

  • Produced and directed films for the festival circuit. Many titles went on to have distribution in niche marketplaces. Some titles available on steaming platforms and on DVD home video. Work of note includes:

    • Death & Life (2017) - Finalist, London International Motion Picture Awards

    • Lipstick Lies (2012) - most reviewed, rated, and financially successful of all of my films.

    • Lancaster Square (2010) - *winner. Best Avant-Garde, Tabloid Witch Awards 2014.

    • Caroline of Virginia (2011) - *winner, New York Spotlight Award, MFF, 2012.

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