"Fritz" is a short story, first published in SILENT AUCTIONS MAGAZINE on May 12, 2020.

"Squatterism at High Noon" is a creative non-fiction essay originally published in the 2016 Metropolitan Review. Now available as a standalone paperback.

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Objects & Giants (O&G) is a fiction novel released in the summer of 2015. O&G is currently available in Paperback.

The Violin Diary is a Roman à  clef, and Eric's most prized work. The Violin Diary is currently available in Paperback.

Eric Norcross is a writer of fiction, creative non-fiction, verse, experimental essay, and reviews.


Books are available. Purchases can be made through Amazon.com, or you can special order from your local bookstore.


About Special Orders:

Most brick and mortar bookstores, including Barnes & Noble, can create special orders for Eric's books. If you've attempted this, and have had trouble, please detail your experience in a message via the Contact page.

Short Stories

Stories become available as they. are published. The. most recent story is, "Fritz" now available at Silent Auctions Magazine.