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Here you can find my poetry selections. I often tackle subjects that are personal to me. Much of what I write in this regard cannot be tackled in other mediums,

or may simply be more effective as verse.


Many of these pieces consist of stories from my life.


The following pieces have been made available via my YouTube Channel.  I read all of the poems myself. Text versions of these poems are made available on my blog at Print versions of these poems will be made available when my next collection is released in the fall of 2018.


• Low Expectations

Red & Two Nights in Sagaponack

Miley Cyrus Bought Me a Sandwich


The Meaning of Life

The Need to Move

Burn It Down

Published / Collected (not available online/out of print):


•Just One Night | Theatre of the Mind Collection 2002, The Long Islander 2002/03


•Who You Are | Stories of Life Collection 2002/03


•Though It Should Go Without Saying | Broadside / 2000


A Window | The Racquet / 2000



Reflecting On Whatever's Clever | Metropolitan Review

   2016, Eric's OutHouse January 23, 2017, adapted to short film

   January 20, 2017 and live via Eric's OutHouse.

Born of a Wicked Witch | Eric's OutHouse (Dec 19, 2016)

   written, 11/29/2016.

Helen | Newsletter Connections 2015 / Broadside 2015

The Conversation | Newsletter Connections 2015

Fear Not, For They Laugh At Us | Newsletter Connections


Our Invisible Selves | Newsletter Connections 2015

Dragons and Stuff | St. George Storybook 2015



Two Nights in Sagaponack [performed 11/03/2017, Heimbold Visual Arts Center, Lumina Reading, Bronxville/Yonkers, New York]

The Meaning of Life [performed 10/18/2017, Slonim House, Bronxville/Yonkers, New York]

Low Expectations [performed short version 08/30/2017, Slonim House, Bronxville/Yonkers, New York]



• Winter

• Fractals

• Our Girl

"... your poem is beautiful and made me misty. I know someone like Helen, it darn near broke my heart."



                                    Sandra :-)

                            (Saratoga Springs)


                           -feedback on "Helen"

"This.  SO good."

                             -Melissa, Maine               

                             feedback on "Low Expectations"

"Submit your poem and see what happens."

                             -Editor of a Lit Journal

                              after hearing me read.                 

                            -feedback on "Low Expectations"

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