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Creative Process #9 - Post-Production Part 4: Music (with LYNDOL DESCANT)

I was once told that my writing was like jazz. That it felt like jazz. This bit of feedback came from Semisonic drummer and non-fiction author, JACOB SLICHTER, and it has been one of my favorite forms of feedback I ever received.

But my work wasn't always like what it is now. It used to be forced, rigid, and consistently obvious as failed attempts to conform to an idea of what I was told film had to be, and subsequently, what film music had to be. My work became jazz-like, because I stopped what I was doing, took several years off to soul-search, and finally found my voice as a writer and a filmmaker.

Upon discovering what I could achieve by creating more authentic work, I discovered that my collaborations with jazz musician, LYNDOL DESCANT, is absolutely the perfect solution, when it comes to matching music with the pictures I create. In this process video for FRACTALS, I talk with Lyndol, as we reflect on the project and the process of scoring. Produced with Lyndol on 07/27/2021 Intro Write-Up and Recording on07/27/2021 Video Completed & Released on 07/29/2021

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